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we scream because we know why the caged bird sings

Inspiration, Work and Art

Roxy (she/her) — Art, Rant — 18/06/22 21:57 p.m

I’ve been thinking about my work for a while. What I do and why I do it. Recently I’ve been working on a webcomic, and it’s fun to make. I’m still trying to make it out alive out of that period of time where I’m so excited I overwork myself to release updates as fast as possible. It’s hard to not overwork myself…

Cat Ears, Unnecessary Technology That Doesn't Exist

Niko (she/her) — What — 30/04/22 20:00 GMT-5

Watch me waste your RSS feed on some silly idea that is probably impossible for some reason. Also, there’s a joke in Spanish to be made about the title of this post but English decided that “oreja” and “oído” are the same word so get fucked.

So like, cats, right? They meow, which is probably one of the most awesome things the human mind is allowed to bear witness to.

Advertisement and whatever the fuck is going on with the Steam Deck

Niko (she/her) — Thoughts — 28/10/21 22:40 GMT-5

I was thinking the other day, “hey, would be quite pog if I had a place to dump all my thoughts, huh?” And then I remembered that we have a blog.

This is not a gaming blog btw Im just a gaymer sometimes.

So the news in case someone has managed to remain unaware, Steam is making a handheld PC now…

On stacked prepositions

Roxy (she/her) — Laiqbun, Conlanging — 21/02/21 16:00 GMT-5

A thing someone asked me once when Laiqbun was very new was how prepositions stack, whether they’re put within each other or not. Is hy ten sheo sha hy seai X supposed to be read as (hy ten sheo sha) hy seai X or as hy ten (sheo sha hy seai X)? For a long time this was left to context, but then, for example, if you needed one but not the other, how could you clarify this?

So, what's up with Treize?

Ash (she/her) — Programming, Game Development, Treize — 19/02/21 17:11 GMT-5

About more than a year ago, I started working on a project out of spite. I was certain that I couldn’t finish it, and I wanted to finish it anyways, so here we are. Things went well, people apparently liked how it looked and its feel and just the concept in general, and I ended up publishing a demo on itch.io.

A note about the extended usages of kke

Roxy (she/her) — Laiqbun, Conlanging — 16/02/21 19:38 GMT-5

kke is a fun particle predicate. We know what it does in argument form in a content clause, but how it interacts with other forms and in other places is not documented. This is me musing about the repercussions of Laiqbun being Laiqbun.