Welcome to Ampersandia.

We are the & system, a system of about 40 alters. In this website you’ll see the creations of the most artistic ones. If you have no idea what a system means in this context, this link has useful information. As a whole, we go by Katie &, and our pronouns are she/her and they/them.

Our artistic interests are mostly conlanging, worldbuilding, writing and game development. For the interests of specific alters, visit their respective pages. Huge death CW for most of this, including our 404 page.

Links worth checking out (cool stuff)

Contact us: You can contact us at katie-and@ampersandia.net

Disclaimer: Despite the fact that both pages have a big ampersand in them, More Than One isn’t made by us. Our system name just happens to be an ampersand.

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