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nothing beautiful can last

Welcome to Ampersandia.

After some walking, you had begun feeling like the world was... repeating on itself, somehow, but alas, you finally found signs of civilization: A city, surrounded by an unnaturally steep cliff which plateau'd the closer it got to the west. The sun was outshined by a bright tower in a distant desert, but this new light was not blinding; all the contrary, it was scarily comforting. It was going to be a weird descent.

We are The & System, a system of about 40 alters. In this website you'll see our works of art. If you have no idea what a system means in this context, this link has useful information. When pretending we're one single person, we go by Katie &, and our pronouns are she/her and they/them. Our works contain mentions of a lot of dark topics, it's hard to properly CW them all accurately. But we're working on it.

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Disclaimer: Despite the fact that both pages have a big ampersand in them, More Than One isn't made by us. Our system name just happens to be an ampersand.

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