Welcome to Niko and Venus’ place.

We’re both the first split to happen to us, Venus was the first host in this system for a while. I was made to hold Venus’ trauma and make sure we don’t fucking die or something. We consider each other sisters. We look like a reskinned version of the other (seriously, she’s just green Niko and im just black Venus, appearancewise), so we consider ourselves to be twins. We make shitty vent poems. Or whatever these are? They’re not poems if they’re one line long right? And some are in prose? This whole page is very death cw (like, more than the main page) (is that possible?) (now it is)

- Niko

The stuff here is not marked with author because we think that’s pretty cool. If you really need it tho you can contact us ig, or just put “The And System” as the author. Or “Katie And” if (and only if) for some reason you’re not allowed to put our system name.

- Venus


Moloch’s original concept was made by Niko, but I (Venus) am the one developing it. Moloch is a difficult roguelike which features what I call a fleshlike health system. Instead of losing health points, your body is damaged when you get hurt. Getting softlocked because of this is an intended part of the experience, so the game features an Instantly Die button.

You can download it on its github repo


It lies on the floor. It’s scared. It’s tired. It feels the intense pain go through its body. It’s falling asleep – it shakes its tail. It claws the floor, holding on to it. Its strength fades, falling asleep again. It tries not to. It tries so hard not to.

It knows what will happen if it does.

Inspired by this song.

What have you done

You look at your hands, then at your feet. You did it. You are alive.

What have you done.

What have you done.


All is as a tangled rug.
Like a knot, an unfortunate mess
All is connected to everything else
And it shall not spring free.

All is as an animal hide.
Like bugs, we cling on to it
We crawl, and sustain off of it
And we shall not try to leave.

All is like a fishing net.
Like fish, we try to not be caught
The jellyfish isn’t caught, as it does not try
And like them, we shall not try.


The name of the people who killed you many times
In a time when the universe was inside four walls

Niko’s Pensive Collection

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