My drawings

Or at least, the ones I think are good enough to put here. Which happens like, once in a blue moon.

These are Niko and me. Hell yeah we’re gay.

A line art drawing of a short-haired girl who carries a spear on her back, and a girl with slightly longer hair, both walking on the edge of the terrace of a building in an abandoned and destroyed city. In the background more buildings can be seen, most of them broken, as though a piece of them fell apart. The two girls don't mind any of this, and instead focus on talking to one another.

This li’l bud from Cyclical Wilderness.

A drawing of dark entity with white glowing eyes, what appears to be horns, and appendages that resemble tentacles. The entity is standing on a stone in a pink-lit room, staring at a squid-like floating creature. The entity is holding two spears, pointing one at the floating creature. In the background, what appears to be orange glowing fruits can be seen hanging from the roof.

One discovery of fire.

A pixel art drawing of three black entities with white glowing eyes. The leftmost one has a circular head, the middle one has a head that looks like it has horns, and the rightmost one has a cubic head with faces on each side. They are all three staring at a blue fire, which is comming out of a blue dust. There's a glass jar near the fire. In the background, one can see what seems to be a kitchen of sorts, and on the counter there is a beaker.

More Niko because hell yeah I’m gay.

A drawing of a person wearing a mask that covers her whole face. She's looking to the left, but her face is directed to the observer. Her clothing has a long sleeve to the right and a short sleeve to the left, on her chest there are two symbols.