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Stuff By Friends

I have friends, and they make cool stuff. I document some of their work so that it doesn't ever get lost forever.


Cell Space

Cell Space is a two-player, deterministic, turn-based competitive board game. It consists of an 7x7 grid of cells each of which can be in a different state. Some positions have different behavior that interacts with the cells nearby them.

The red and blue squares are player cells, and the positions they're in are all colored black. There is no mechanical difference between black and gray squares.


A very basic overview

  1. Players must choose two colors for their cells. When moving a cell that was of color 1, it becomes of color 2, and vice versa. This fulfills no mechanical purpose.
  2. During their turn, a player must move all of their cells to a space adjacent to it, in whichever order.
  3. When two or more cells of the player that just ended their turn are adjacent to a white position and the white position has no cell on it, a new cell pertaining to the same player is placed.
  4. At the beginning of a player's turn, all of their cells that are adjacent to enemy cells must be moved first, in whichever order they wish, before moving the ones that aren't.