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So, what's up with Treize?

Ash (she/her) — Programming, Game Development, Treize — 19/02/21 17:11 GMT-5

About more than a year ago, I started working on a project out of spite. I was certain that I couldn’t finish it, and I wanted to finish it anyways, so here we are. Things went well, people apparently liked how it looked and its feel and just the concept in general, and I ended up publishing a demo on itch.io. It’s been a few months now since that and I have done Nothing about it, or at least, I haven’t talked about it at all. No one asked, because no one cares, but I’m still writing this anyways, mostly as a way to try and break Roxy’s new blog software thing for this website.

First of all: No, I did not abandon it. I have no reason to, especially since I already had a musician working with me on it. What happened is: my computer broke near the beginning of 2021. (Near the end of 2020? somewhere around that). It wasn’t sudden, though, it was a very slow process of everything falling apart. I made small projects to distract myself from it, and created a few concepts that I wish to go back to, such as Smlash and Tletris (both inspired by Blaseball). My computer kept crashing and the files kept getting corrupted. I was willing to sacrifice these two because they were just projects I was doing out of boredom and for a few friends. No biggie there. I wouldn’t have risked that with Treize. Losing a whole year of work because my computer broke? Nope.

Now that my computer’s back, Roxy and I are focusing on tidying up this website and the software we use, while we’re all getting prepared for Something that Will Happen (hopefully). That and also that college is starting to drown us again. So I haven’t worked much on it. However, once we’re done with that, I should be able to start working on it once again. Hopefully.

I cannot say how long until I start working on it again. I know I will probably get my own website for sadblockgames once we’ve all sorted our life out. The latest I can more or less say is somewhere in July. That’s also as specific as I can be.

Alright, let’s see if her thing breaks.