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nothing beautiful can last

Welcome to Ampersandia.

Name's Ash. I make most of the programming stuff that Roxy uses, except for templ8.py which was made by her. I am aspiring indie game developer, and proffessional person with a ton of free time. Most of my stuff is absolutely pointless programming, but once in a while I make cool stuff.

I literally only do one thing

sa Mytaqheam shy

This mastodon bot literally just makes random Laiqbun sentences. Pretty cool huh?

xha Hauqtuq

The discord bot for the Laiqbun discord server. It's awfully done, but it works, and it exports the dictionary that she has in her page, which is also very cool.


A platformer that tries to get momentum mechanics and puzzle platforming to mix with exploration and combat. You can play it here