euuuauax1 caramelldansens
enuimux1 is anime
owox1 notices x2 and wonders what it is
kex1 is a nose
keax1 is a procedure
keaamx1 makes a sound
keaamluoguox1 is phonology
keaamsuix1 is sound
keaox1 is a bird
keaokux1 is a platypus
keaoqx1 enters x2
keaux1 stands up
keauqx1 is a cloud
keaiqx1 is a negative number
kealuix1 is online storage
kearux1 is a car
keamx1 starts
keamhux1 is loud
keaqx1 is beautiful
keazhuox1 is the entrance to x2
keenx1 uses x2 to do x3
keenbunx1 is useful
keenqux1 is useless
keoiqx1 loves x2
keoiqsuix1 is love
keonx1 is a year
keoqx1 remains being the case/is still the case
keux1 is a fruit
keuamx1 is angry
keuamsuix1 is anger
keuex1 is weather
keuenx1 is a stone
keueqx1 waits; for x2 to be the case; to do x3
keuix1 is an ear
keuiluiux1 is a fur seal/sea lion
keumx1 is curved
keunx1 is fortune
keunuqx1 continues to do x2
keunbux1 is misfortune
keuqx1 is a heart
keyx1 is a button
keyhux1 is weak/faint
keyqx1 screams
keyqsuix1 is a scream
keix1 kneels
keiax1 feels ashamed
keiaqx1 is sand
keiex1 is a raccoon claiming that x2 is the case, and is of genus x3, species x4, subspecies x5
keiox1 is upset/distressed/uneasy
keioqx1 is air
keioqzhuex1 smells like x2
keiux1 kills x2
keiuqx1 seems to be the case
keiix1 slices/cuts x2
keiisuix1 is a slice of x2
keitunx1 ends x2
keimx1 kins with x2; x2 is x1's kin type
keinx1 ends
keindux1 stops doing x2
keicunx1 is a fox
keiqx1 is a web / net
keiqxhuux1 is a fishing net
kekuox1 is a pumpkin
kekuoluiiqx1 is a jack-o'-lantern
kekuix1 takes advantage of x2
ketux1 is a domestic cat
ketuanx1 is tar
ketumx1 is customized to x2's preference
kelux1 is a rodent
keluinuex1 is a clarinet
kerux1 talks/converses; about/on the topic of x2
keruax1 happened x2 amount of time ago
kemx1 has the property of being both good and bad
kemuaix1 is a command to do x2
kemuinx1 is a deadly mushroom
kemxhux1 is a potato
kenx1 is an insect
kenuaqx1 is a canal
kenuex1 is a canine
kenhuachuqx1 is a cockroach
keppuaox1 is a medicinal mushroom
kebuix1 is a mushroom
kexhuaqx1 is a mushroom of religious significance
keqx1 clings/holds on to x2
keshuaqx1 makes the case / argues that x2 is the case
kezhux1 is an instance of x2
keqluqx1 is a dinosaur
kesuix1 is an edible mushroom
kesuhuix1 is sonar
kezuaqx1 is a psychoactive mushroom
kefuix1 is coffee
kevuex1 is clever, smart
kuyqFirst power of the current base
kyPerformative illocution
kyeOpen parenthical
kyoContrary sentence connector
kyoiExponent (mathematical operation)
kyuFirst argument marker
kyunJoke illocution, as in, illocution for marking jokes (1.5th slot of the category illocution analysis)
kyluqSentence quotation
kynQuote opener
gex1 is a bone
geax1 leaves x2
geaax1 is fresh, in a good state
geaux1 is big
geauqx1 is a machine
geaix1 touches x2
geaisuix1 is a touch
geamx1 is both the case and not the case; has and doesn't have property x2
geanx1 checks that x2 is the case
geaxueqx1 abandons x2
geafuaix1 is a trend
geox1 is gold
geoux1 is a dog
geonx1 checks whether x2 is or isn't the case
geoqx1 enters x2 state of being
geux1 plays
geuax1 is danger
geualunx1 is in danger
geuahuyox1 is dangerous
geuix1 could be the case in universes where x2 is the case (subjunctive-possibility conditional)
geukuix1 plays game with abstract rules and mechanics x2 (this includes most sports, chess, tic-tac-toe, and other games that don't necessarily involve an imagined/simulated experience)
geuduiox1 plays x2 game
geudusuix1 is a game
geuxhuix1 plays game with entirely physical rules x2 (this includes parkour and some other activities that don't require imagination or abstract mechanics)
geuqx1 is agender/of the Zhanbun fifth gender
geuquiux1 plays imagination/simulation game x2 (this includes tabletop games, live-action roleplays, and most video games)
geuqusuix1 is an imagination/simulation game (this includes tabletop games, live-action roleplays, and most video games)
geusuix1 is play
geyx1 multiplies
geyqx1 is certainly the case
geix1 is a feather
geiux1 is middle-sized
geiuqx1 is size
geituax1 is a guitar
geituaduanx1 is an electric guitar
gekusuix1 is a game with abstract rules and mechanics (this includes most sports, chess, tic-tac-toe, and other games that don't necessarily involve an imagined/simulated experience)
geruix1 is the flu
gemx1 is in a quantity of eight
gexhusuix1 is a game with entirely physical rules (this includes parkour and some other activities that don't require imagination or abstract mechanics)
geqx1 was just the case/was recently the case
gyClause closer
gyoA few
gyuaThird argument marker
gynAddition sentence connector
gyqCloses the ryq predicatizer
gyvuoCloses all clauses of a sentence (Avoiding stacked gy's)
kkeRefers to the object described by the relative clause
kkeax1 hears/listens to x2
kkeaix1 disagrees with x2
kkeeaqx1 is a family
kkeeqx1 maintains, sustains x2
kkeeqxuex1 archives x2
kkeox1 is a variant/kind/type of x2
kkeoix1 agrees with x2
kkeoqx1 closes x2 (as in, using something to close it)
kkeux1 interacts with x2
kkeuax1 is of a color similar to that of x2
kkeuattuaox1 is of white color
kkeualueqx1 is of red color
kkeuaruuox1 is of orange color
kkeuaruieqx1 is of pink color
kkeuamueqx1 is of magenta color
kkeuapuemx1 is of black color
kkeuacuanx1 is of blue color
kkeuaqx is dispersed, spread across x2
kkeuazhueox1 is of yellow color
kkeuasuuix1 is of green color
kkeuox1 is short
kkeuoqx1 works
kkeuoqguaux1 is hard
kkeuoqtumx1 is a chore/housework
kkeuoqluiux1 is easy
kkeuoqsuix1 is work
kkeuoqzuaex1 is homework on x2
kkeuix1 is a friend of x2
kkeuihuqx1 is an imaginary figure that travels alongside x2 vehicle where x3 is, dodging obstacles in forced perspective from outside the nearest window
kkeuisuix1 is friendship
kkeuivuaix1 is a zucchini (queerplatonic partner) of x2
kkeunx1 is alive
kkeuqx1 requests for x2 to become the case
kkeuqsuix1 is a request
kkeyx1 interacts with the official Laiqbun grammar documentation
kkeiaqx1 is free (costs no money)
kkeiox1 is positionally close to x2
kkeintuqx1 flirts with x2
kkemaqx1 responds to event x2 in manner x3
kkemuaqx1 is interesting to x2
kkebunx1 responds positively to event x2
kkexhux1 is the case until x2 is the case
kkehuaqx1 responds negatively to event x2
kkeqx1 is a cake
kkyoMultiplication by a power of the current base
kkyuSecond argument marker
kkymParticle that marks that the previous word pertains to the following
tex1 is the listener / you
teaThe action of x1 is directed towards x2
teaox1 moves through x2
teaux1 is the only case / is the only thing with property x2
teamx1 inhabits/lives in x2
teanx1 differs from x2 in property x3
teaqx1 is a tongue
teeax1 hates x2
teeruox1 is wood
teenx1 controls/regulates/modulates x2
teox1 is a word/name of x2
teoix1 is a leg
teorux1 drowns in x2
teoruinx1 is a train
teomsunx1 is a school/university
teopux1 regresses to having property x2
teoqx1 is currently the case
teosuiaqx1 is lyrics of x2 song
teozuix1 is a peach
teovueqx1 is a surname of x2
teuax1 moves to/towards place or object x2
teuemx1 quotes x2
teuemsuix1 is a quote
teuox1 is water
teuokux1 is juice made of x2
teuoluamx1 is a sea, ocean, lake or other similar geographic feature
teuolumunx1 is lemonade
teuonuiqx1 is a river/stream
teuopumx1 is apple juice
teuochuaox1 rains onto x2
teuochuaix1 is rain
teuozhuix1 is a tear
teuozhunx1 is a sailor
teuofunx1 is a typhoon
teuigux1 says x2 in an exaggerated, overstated manner
teumpuex1 is a trumpet
teubuax1 is a tuba
teuqx1 cooks x2
teix1 builds x2
teiaqx1 is urine
teiox1 moves in place
teiomuqx1 is an earthquake
teioqx1 is only the case; only has property x2
teilux1 tilts / angles x2
teimx1 is time
teimtuox1 is tense (grammar)
teimlux1 is sometimes the case
teimluiux1 is instantaneous
teimpex1 is the past
teimppuix1 is a moment; period of time when x2 is the case
teimcuqx1 is childhood
teimhuix1 lasts x2 time
teimsuqx1 happens again
teimzuax1 is forever the case
teichuqx1 is the case since x2 was the case
teiqx1 is a tile
teiqchuoqx1 is a butterfly (Lepidoptera)
tekkuax1 is significant
tekkuduix1 is a content warning for x2
terux1 are you (non-multiplicity plural)
terumuinx1 is a theremin
temx1 is a house
temuax1 is a tomato
temuex1 is a show of honor to x2
temuqx1 is a kitchen
temluimx1 is a city
tembuonx1 is a trombone
temchuaix1 is a tall building
temxhuaqx1 is a temple
tenx1 is the case because x2 is the case
tenmux1 causes x2 to be the case
tenhumx1 causes x2 to change
tenzhunx1 causes x2 to exist
tensunx1 transcends condition x2 to become x3
tebuqx1 is a table
teqx1 says x2 to x3
teshuanx1 is the unit consisting of 144 sekkuqs
teqkuamx1 is x2's voice
teqguuax1 warns x2 about x3
teqkkux1 is nonsense (idiomatic)
teqtuox1 calls x2 by name/word x3
teqduiox1 advises x2
teqluamx1 is a place designed for conversation
teqluiux1 mentions x2
teqruqx1 references, alludes to x2
teqbuex1 lies about x2 being the case; to x3
teqshuax1 calls x2
teqshuox1 consents to x2
teqhuuamx1 argues with x2
teqvuiax1 translates x2 to language x3
teqvuqx1 admits that x2 is the case
tuyqFourth power of the current base
tyMiddle voice particle
dex1 is/does a general thing
deax1 is in a quantity of nine
deaox1 is x2's romantic partner
deauqx1 optimizes for/works towards x2
dearuqx1 believes that x2 is the case
deamx1 is a container
deamzhuaix1 is a refrigerator
deanx1 is electricity
deanhuemx1 is lightning
deaqx1 is non binary
deemx1 is a positive imaginary number (something*i)
deeqx1 is a densitel
deoax1 believes in x2 (in a manner of support or validation)
deoanx1 is a dozenal degree (angle)
deoux1 is a dozenal degree (temperature)
deouqx1 is a bean
deoimx1 is the back of x2
deoqx1 is alone
deux1 does x2
deuaqx1 has too much of x2 for it to remain enjoyable
deuomx1 is the content of x2 container
deuoqx1 contains x2
deuix1 is too much the case for x2 to be the case
deunx1 crouches
deubunx1 is skilled at x2
deix1 is in front of x2
deiox1 guides x2 to x3
deioqx1 is the content of x2 piece of media/text/artwork
deluix1 is fluid/a fluid
deruax1 is probable/likely
deruaguox1 is a dragon
demuruqx1 spiritually contemplates, reflects on x2
denx1 is an egg
debux1 is an illocution
deburuyqx1 is an illocution marker
deqx1 is the case despite x2 being the case
defuix1 defeats x2 at x3
dyAssertive illocution
ttx1 doesn't have enough vowels
tteax1 is in a quantity of two
tteaeqx1 is a tensionel
tteaox1 is the color white
tteaoqx1 can be given/sacrificed to obtain x2
tteayx1 is input; is inputted into x2
tteaix1 is married to x2
tteakuax1 is an account of x2 on website/app x3
tteamx1 notices that x2 is the case
tteaqx1 is under condition x2
tteex1 emphasizes x2
tteemx1 is a temperaturel
tteesuix1 is emphasis
tteoAll of x1, to all of x2 apply relationship x3
tteoax1 is an aspect of x2
tteoqx1 is important to x2
tteuomx1 and x2 are x3 time apart
tteumx1 covers x2
tteunx1 is the case if x2 is the case (indicative-necessity conditional)
tteuqx1 is made of; comprised of x2
tteymx1 is a logical explanation for x2
tteyqx1 feels pain
tteyqsuix1 is pain
tteix1 jumps
tteiax1 enjoys x2
tteiex1 is what fills the argument x2 of predicate x3
tteiegux1 is what fills the second argument of predicate x2
tteiekkux1 is what fills the first argument of predicate x2
tteietux1 is what fills the third argument of predicate x2
tteiox1 is positionally far from x2
tteiux1 is energy
ttemx1 is a timel
ttenx1 is the case in an abstract manner
tteqx1 expresses/communicates x2
ttyFunctional context marker
ttyguFunctional supercontext marker
leax1 is in a quantity of eleven
leaex1 is weak
leaox1 escapes from x2
leaux1 stands the struggle against x2
leausuix1 is struggle
leaix1 runs towards x2
leaiqx1 is a mask
leaiqluaiqx1 touches masks with x2 (Laiqbun way to show affection in public)
leaiqvuiax1 is a mask (non-traditional mask)
leamx1 is a place
leamluux1 is a bedroom
leanluax1 is outernet (as opposed to internet)
leaqx1 is an eye
leaquax1 wakes up
leaqluaqx1 does visual contact with x2 / looks at x2 in the eyes
leeamx1 understands, comprehends the situation of x2
leeox1 applies suction on x2
leeiqx1 likes x2
leemx1 is clothing
leemkuamx1 puts on x2 clothing
leemkuinx1 takes off x2 clothing
leemluuax1 is a hat
leemxhuomx1 wears x2
leenx1 understands an attempt at communication x2 by x3
leeqx1 is the color red
leox1 feels happiness
leoaqx1 focuses on x2
leotunx1 is happy/pleased because of x2
leochuaix1 is manic
leochuaisuix1 is mania
leoqx1 is the case from the perspective of x2
leosuix1 is happiness
leux1 sleeps
leuax1 is a head
leualuax1 is a brain
leuamx1 and x2 have one shared brain cell
leuanx1 is the case in universes where x2 is the case (subjunctive-necessity conditional)
leuachueix1 imagines x2
leuaqx1 is the consensus about x2
leueqx1 is a lengthel
leuox1 is wet
leuoqx1 is text
leuuqx1 is a pronoun
leuix1 is infested by x2
leuitux1 shows x2 to x3
leuimx1 sees x2 through x3
leuiqx1 looks at / sees / watches x2
leuiqkkuoqluiux1 is conspicuous
leuiqluux1 dreams x2
leuiqvuaix1 fixates on x2
leuqx1 is a hand
leuqluuqx1 holds x2's hand
leyqx1 reads x2
leix1 lies on x2
leiox1 sits down
leiux1 is small/little
leiuqzuaox1 is an example of x2
leiinx1 is a line
leiiqx1 is light
leiiqkumx1 is a rainbow
leimx1 is a piece of land
leimppuex1 is a shore/coast
leimppuox1 is a desert
leimquix1 is an area that is inland, away from the coast
leinluix1 is internet
leiqx1 is a language
leiqkuenx1 is able to efficiently use language x2
leiqkuenluoqx1 is written, said in language x2
leiqruaux1 is an artlang
leiqruiox1 is a loglang
leiqppuqx1 is a part of speech
leiqbunx1 is the Laiqbun language
leiqxuyunx1 is a constructed language
leiqzuyqx1 is grammar
leguax1 repairs x2
lekkuix1 is a liquid
lemx1 is cloth
lemunx1 is a lemon
lenx1 is in/on/at x2
leqUsed in relative clauses to refer to "the thing in argument that uses kke"
leshux1 is a cloak
leqkux1 is a link/direction to website or file x2
leqfuix1 wastes something; uses x2 in a wasteful manner
lesuhuix1 is lidar
lyArgument separator for serial predicates
lyauDivision (mathematical operation)
lyoqPerspective context marker
lyoqguPerspective supercontext marker
lyqQuote closer
reParticle predicatizer. Turns the particle X in front of it into a predicate that means "x1 uses particle X on word or sentence x2"
reax1 is in a quantity of three
reaux1 is art
reaukuamx1 is music
reautuqx1 is a story
reaimx1 challenges, defies x2
reamx1 is a letter
reamuiaqx1 is Laiqbun romanization
reanx1 laughs at x2
reaxuex1 is a rule, law
reaqx1 rules over x2
reaqkuinx1 overthrows x2
reex1 is the concept of formality
reeoqx1 is so much the case that x2 is the case
reechuox1 is in the middle degree of formality
reequx1 is in the lowest degree of formality
reezux1 is in the mixed degree of formality (both people refer to each other as of higher rank)
reevuox1 is in the highest degree of formality
reox1 is a content word
reomx1 is space
reomzuax1 is an everspace
reoqx1 returns to x2 state of being
reozux1 is rice
reovuax1 is a noun
reovuex1 is a pure predicate
reovuox1 is a clause's predicate
reovuix1 is a modifier
reux1 is meat / flesh
reuaqx1 is the east
reuox1 is the color orange
reumx1 is a hole
reumuqx1 is hollow
reumpuemx1 is a black hole
reunx1 is loyal to x2
reuqx1 is a piece of fabric
reuqnuuqx1 is a rug
reyqx1 is a particle
reyqruox1 is a content particle
reix1 forces x2 to be the case
reianx1 is a radian
reiaqx1 is a writing
reiaqbunx1 is the Laiqbun writing system
reiaqsuqx1 is the new Raiaqbun, made by Eschar
reieqx1 is the color pink
reiox1 is an instance of logical reasoning by x2
reioqx1 is logic
reiumx1 is the case instead of x2 being the case
reiuqx1 is the appearance of x2
reiyx1 is a consonant
reiinx1 is a ribbon
reikux1 will never give you up
reiqx1 is proud of x2
reiquruaqx1 dethrones x2
reiqmux1 is a bridge connecting x2 and x3
reduox1 is radio
reluax1 does x2 to relax
reruix1 is sweet
remx1 is young
renx1 is fire
renluix1 is a candle
rechux1 is a shoulder
reqx1 pertains to x2
resuhuix1 is radar
ry"And" separator (AND)
ryaContent clause starter
ryeqSubtraction (mathematical operation)
rybueNegated "and" connector (NAND)
ryqRefer to the action of a predicate
mex1 is a structure
meax1 is a floor
meaex1 is a massel
meaenx1 is a massic energel
meaoqx1 is a baby
meaunx1 produces x2
meaunluamx1 is a factory/production place
meaunsuix1 is production
meauqx1 is a mountain
meauqbuiqx1 is an iceberg
meaix1 is the monetary unit of the Zhanbun
meaiqx1 is intentional
mealuix1 is a sleeping floor
meamx1 is a parent
meanx1 means x2
meansuix1 is meaning
meaqx1 fulfills x2 purpose
meashuox1 is implicitly the case
measux1 has x2 mass
measusuix1 is mass
meeaqx1 is a preposition
meeaqzuemx1 is a prepositional argument
meeaqvuex1 is a prepositional predicate
meeox1 is a cat
meeqx1 is the color magenta
meox1 is in a quantity of zero
meoix1 is hair
meomx1 is a momentumel
meonx1 is wrongly done
meonuqx1 is correct about x2 being the case
meobux1 is a jelly ball
meoqx1 mocks x2
meux1 is a pattern
meuax1 is a shape; the shape of x2
meuagux1 is a triangle
meuatux1 is a square
meuadux1 is a hexagon
meuattux1 is a pentagon
meuanx1 inspires fear/is scary to x2
meuachuqx1 is a regular polygon with x2 faces
meuaqx1 is scared because of x2
meuex1 cleans x2
meuox1 melts
meuiqx1 is a mistake
meutuax1 is mortar
meunx1 is dead
meunsuix1 is death
meuqx1 is the ground
meyqx1 is a question
meyqtuax1 asks x2 about x3
meyqxhuomx1 asks x2
meyqshuuqx1 is a spectral (sy/ny/myq/vyq) question
meyqvuyqx1 is a spectral (sy/ny/myq/vyq) answer
meix1 is a self
meiax1 is a joke
meiamx1 is funny to x2
meiaqx1 is a rhyme with x2
meiazhunx1 is a clown
meieqx1 mixes/blends/combines x2 to make x3
meiux1 dies
meiunx1 is the moon
meiyqx1 is a group
meiguaqx1 is an unexpected result, a loophole resulting from the properties of x2
meimx1 is mind
meinx1 is the morning
meihuox1 is explicitly the case
meiqx1 is money
meiqppuqsuix1 is a subscription
meiqppuqsuqx1 subscribes to x2
meiqhueiqx1 is an ad
meizux1 is corn
medusuax1 is a jellyfish
meluapuisux1 is x2's pizza
meruax1 is bitter
meruqx1 is Zhanbun spiritual contemplation
merushuox1 is meditation
memx1 is slow
menx1 is glass
menuoqx1 is wrong, incorrect about x2 being the case
mentuix1 is a mantis (Mantodea)
mexhuix1 is magic
meqx1 is edible / food
meqruox1 loses x2
meqppuiqx1 is a plate for food
meqbux1 shows respect to x2
mesuax1 is a mice
myPassive voice marker. Inverts the order of the arguments x1 and x2
myu"mu" illocution
mykuuamPassive-aggressive voice particle
mynIllocution for aesthetic things
myqNeither (third logic state)
nex1 is this/that
neax1 is weird/confusing
neaox1 is full of x2
neaoruuqx1 is a piece of clothing that covers the entire body
neaiqx1 suffers because of x2
neaiqsuix1 is suffering (not x1 suffers)
neatux1 is neat
neamx1 is confusing
neanx1 adds x2 to x3
neaqx1 is extra, is additional, is spice
neaquax1 is nonsensical
neox1 happens at the same time as x2
neoax1 is familiar with x2
neoux1 knows that x2 is the case
neoupux1 remembers x2
neoupusuax1 is a memory
neousuix1 is knowledge
neomx1 is done correctly
neoqx1 is neon
neoqkkuax1 is a neon color
neoqluiqx1 is a neon light
neoqshux1 is information
neux1 is a wall
neuax1 is lesser than x2 at property x3
neuaqx1 is the north
neulunx1 is a Neuron (not brain cell)
neurux1 is never the case
neumx1 is shade, shadow
neuqx1 is a foot
neuqbux1 kicks x2
neix1 is a knee
neiax1 is greater than x2 in property x3
neikux1 wins / earns x2
neippuamx1 is more abundant than x2 / there's more x1 than there is x2
neibunx1 is better than x2
neiqx1 is a path/road/way
neiqtuax1 is a direction towards place or physical object x2
neguiux1 commemorates x2
nekkuiox1 is this (close to the speaker)
nettuiox1 is that (close to the listener)
neppux1 is that (far from both the listener and the speaker)
neqx1 is able to do x2
neqkux1 is in a contemplative state
nyNo (answer to yes/no question)
nyeClose parenthical
nyeqEmpty logical state, the middle of both sy-ny and myq-vyq
nyoqParticle for the general entity of all things of a certain category
nyqIllocution nullifier
nhaCatgirl illocution
paiduux1 inspires x2 to do x3
paipuix1 inspires x2 to create x3
pex1 was the case in the past
peaax1 breaks x2
peaux1 is brittle
peaix1 is balanced
peanx1 gives/emits x2 to x3
peanux1 is a piano
peanluiiqx1 shines / emits light
peanmuiqx1 pays x2 for x3/buys x3 from x2
peacuqx1 shatters, tears x2 to pieces
peaqx1 is simple
peashuiax1 defecates
peemx1 is the color black
peox1 moves along x2
peux1 possesses x2
peuax1 is a powerel
peuaqx1 is powerful
peukkux1 is possessed by the predicate at the root of the clause
peutux1 is possessed by the listener / yours
peuturux1 is possessed by the listeners / yours (plural)
peushux1 is possessed by the speaker / mine
peushurux1 is possessed by us / ours
peuhux1 is possessed by them/her/him
peuhurux1 is possessed by them (plural)
peuqux1 is possessed by it
peuqurux1 is possessed by by them (inanimate plural)
peuvuqx1 is possessed by one (impersonal)
peuvuqrux1 is possessed by one group (impersonal plural)
peix1 creates x2
peiox1 is a moment in time/the moment in time when x2 happens
peiux1 is skin
peinluix1 uploads x2 to the internet / to website x3
peishox1 is a prison
pekuaqx1 applauds
pekuex1 ceases to exist
pekuexhuomx1 halts/stops; ceases to be done by x2
pegux1 is pog; x1 is poggers
peluix1 plays x2 piece of music
perux1 appears/becomes visible to x2
pemx1 is an apple
pemuoix1 is hairy
penx1 is bread
penluuqx1 is pull-apart bread
penppuqx1 is a slice of bread
peqx1 is a wheat byproduct
peshuox1 regrets x2
puyqSecond power of the current base
pySpectrum marker
ppex1 is mathematics
ppeax1 goes to x2
ppeaenx1 is a plant
ppeaenvuuox1 is a flowering plant
ppeaux1 beats / pulsates
ppeaix1 is most of x2
ppeamx1 is a quantity
ppeanx1 panics because of x2
ppeanuiqx1 is a direction or set of directions to place or physical object x2
ppeaqx1 could be the case if x2 is the case (indicative-possibility conditional)
ppeex1 is at the border of x2
ppeeqx1 is a pressurel
ppeeshuyx1 is pressure
ppeox1 is dry
ppeoux1 is a negative imaginary number (something*-i)
ppeoqx1 occurs constantly
ppeux1 is a chair/couch/other surface for sitting
ppeuoqx1 and x2 are x3 distance apart
ppeuix1 is a root (of a plant)
ppeunx1 is long
ppeunhuuamx1 is a spear
ppeix1 comes from x2
ppeiunx1 travels to x2
ppeikkuix1 visits x2
ppeirumx1 is a door
ppeiqx1 is flat
ppeiqsux1 distances from x2
ppekuax1 is a mathematical operation
ppemx1 is in a quantity of ten
ppeqx1 is part of x2
ppeqtumx1 is a room for x2
ppeqsuqx1 repeats x2 times
ppyuaExponentiation (mathematical operation)
ppykunOpening brackets
ppyluqClosing brackets
bex1 is usually the case
beax1 is cringe
beaox1 behaves in x2 manner
beaosuix1 is behavior
beaiqx1 gives birth to x2
beamx1 understands what x2 is
beaqx1 is soup
beox1 is soft
beoanx1 is a genital
beoux1 causes x2 to not be visible to x3
beokux1 is borked
beoqx1 is female
beux1 is frequently the case
beuax1 is in a quantity of five
beuaqx1 is an onion
beuqx1 is a horn (animal part)
beyx1 is a context
beygux1 is a supercontext
beyttux1 is a functional context
beyttugux1 is a functional supercontext
beyluoqx1 is a perspective context
beyluoqgux1 is a perspective supercontext
beyzhux1 is a prenex context
beyzhugux1 is a prenex supercontext
beix1 experiences x2
beiax1 attacks/hurt x2
beiaqx1 is complicated
beiox1 happens before x2
beioguoux1 is a raccoon
beiux1 is the object that closes x2
beiupunx1 is an occlupanid
beiuqx1 is the currently used base
beikkux1 is the frequency of x2
beiqx1 is ice
beishux1 is based on x2
beishuyx1 is frost
beishuqx1 is the number base corresponding to number x2
beizhuox1 is an experience
beiquaix1 considers the possibility of x2 being the case; having property x3
beisuyx1 is a bicycle
beizuax1 is x2's lived experience
betunx1 is bitumen
bemx1 gets/obtains x2 from x3
benx1 has the property of goodness
benuoqx1 is perfect
benduux1 succeeds at having property x2
benluox1 compliments x2
benluobux1 congratulates x2
benxhunx1 is morally good/just/fair
bensuix1 is goodness
becuox1 is a banana
beqx1 is a bag
bezhuex1 is safe from x2
besux1 is a contrabass
byImperative illocution
byiqParticle for each individual thing that follows a certain property
chex1 is an assignable pronoun
cheax1 is a predicate
cheaox1 falls towards x2
cheaoqx1 collapses, falls apart
cheaoqsuix1 is collapse
cheaix1 is physically above x2
chearux1 is a serial predicate
chearuqx1 affects x2 by doing x3
cheaqx1 is related to x2
cheaqtux1 is related to the listener / you
cheaqturux1 is related to the listeners / you (plural)
cheaqshux1 is related to the speaker / me
cheaqshurux1 is related to the speakers / us
cheaqhux1 is related to them/her/him
cheaqhurux1 is related to them (plural)
cheaqqux1 is related to it
cheaqqurux1 is related to them (inanimate)
cheaqvuqx1 is related to one (impersonal)
cheaqvuqrux1 is related to one group (impersonal)
cheex1 is a switch/lever
cheeix1 is an image
cheeituuax1 is a video
cheeihuuqx1 is a screen
cheox1 is physically in the middle;surrounded by x2/in between x2 and x3
cheoax1 is surrounded by x2, either physically or not
cheoyx1 is separate from x2; is separated from x2 by x3
cheonx1 is a human
cheoqx1 is a wing
cheux1 chooses x2
cheuox1 is in a quantity of four
cheuix1 is a tooth
cheuiqx1 arises from x2
cheuisueqx1 is a walrus
cheulux1 is incomprehensible/alien/completely removed from our experience
cheuqx1 is a force
cheix1 is tea
cheiex1 hunts/chases x2
cheiox1 is what is commonly established
cheioqx1 is a record of event x2, a record of an instance of x2 existing
cheioqpuix1 creates a record of x2 in the form of x3
cheiguix1 is a movie
cheiqx1 surprises x2
cheqx1 becomes the case
cheqkuoiqx1 falls in love with x2
cheqmuix1 is above x2 in a matter of status
chyExistential quantifier (some)
cex1 is a side of x2
ceanx1 is the color blue
ceanmuinx1 is the morning twilight
ceaqx1 is fast
ceox1 is the chance of x2 happening
ceomx1 is in a quantity of six
ceoqx1 is The Great Solution
ceux1 promises that x2 is the case to x3
ceumx1 will be the case in the future
ceumluiux1 will soon be the case
ceunx1 is solid/a solid
ceunduanx1 is a semi-solid hologram
ceuqx1 is an animal
ceuqtumx1 is x2's pet
ceix1 is x2 when perceived using sense x3
ceiax1 tastes/feels the flavor of x2
ceiaqx1 is toilet paper
ceimx1 finds x2
ceiqx1 is fog
ceiqmuinx1 is the morning mist
celux1 is a cello
cemx1 expects x2 to be the case
cenx1 is enough/sufficient for x2 to be the case
cenuqx1 satisfies propery x2 enough to satisfy property x3
ceqx1 is a child
ceqmuamx1 is a child of x2
ceqhuachuqx1 is a mouse/rat
cyUltrapassive voice particle; inverts all three arguments' order (x1 x2 x3 becomes x3 x2 x1)
cyaRoot (mathematical operation)
cyoEmpty argument marker
cyoqMultiplication by the inverse exponent of the current base
xheMarks the following word as a proper name
xheax1 is endless
xheakuax1 is a boat
xheappuaqx1 is a statement rewriting Laiqbun's grammar in a verbal manner
xheaqx1 is a Zhanbun monk
xheomx1 is an action
xheux1 is a fish
xheulux1 is a cosmetic
xheunx1 is the way/manner to do x2
xheuqx1 is the sentence prefix
xheix1 is the solution to the problem x2
xheiax1 commits to doing x2
xheiex1 is blood
xheiqx1 intends/is going to do x2
xherux1 is a chart
xhemx1 is a set (mathematics)
xhemqux1 is the complement of set x2
xheqx1 is a star
xheqhuax1 is before x2 by x3 units
xheqhuix1 is after x2 by x3 units
xheqsumx1 is a starfish (Asteroidea)
xhyTurns a compound argument in a serial argument and vice versa
xhymruIntersection (mathematical operation; set theory)
xhymhunuUnion (mathematical operation; set theory)
xhymvuiaDifference (mathematical operation; set theory)
xhyqMulti-statement (experimental)
xex1 is a number that only has function as modifying a unit
xeax1 knows whether x2 is or isn't the case
xeatuax1 annoys/is irritating to x2
xeaqx1 is a list/ordered collection of x2
xeaqgunx1 is whole, complete, coherent
xeaqtuox1 is the vocabulary of language x2 when used by speaker x3
xeex1 is a document
xeekkueqx1 is an archive of x2
xeox1 is in a quantity of seven
xeoenx1 is sugar
xeoenruieqx1 is cotton candy
xeoux1 knows how to do x2
xeomx1 is in an indefinite large quantity
xeoqx1 satisfies property x2 enough to do x3
xeux1 is connected to x2 by means of x3
xeuax1 is an arm
xeuox1 is a knife
xeuonx1 becomes the case as a result of x2 being the case
xeuimx1 is the universe
xeuqx1 is The Great Problem
xeyoqx1 breathes
xeyunx1 is artificial/constructed
xeyunsuix1 is artificialness
xeynx1 reflects/mirrors x2
xeix1 is an argument (grammar)
xeigux1 is a biadic predicate
xeikkux1 is a monadic predicate
xeitux1 is a triadic predicate
xeiqx1 is of the Zhanbun fourth gender
xeqx1 is the speaker (formal)
xeqpuox1 explains x2
xyQuestion emphasis
xyetuIllocution for hypothetical sentences (1.5th slot of the category illocution analysis)
shex1 is the speaker
sheaux1 is an alloy
sheanx1 is a store
sheaqx1 is a week
sheox1 wants x2 to be the case
sheokkuix1 has a squish on x2
sheoduaox1 has a crush on x2
sheomx1 tries to satisfy property x2
sheobunx1 hopes that x2 is the case
sheux1 should be the case
sheuox1 is output; is outputted from x2
sheuix1 is a greasy substance
sheuinx1 is a planet
sheupux1 is a shop / market / place to buy x2
sheuqx1 is a spectrum
sheyx1 is snow
sheix1 is a formula
sheiax1 is excrement
sheiex1 is a world
sheiox1 is what x2 considers to be normal
sheimuix1 is cement
sheivux1 stores x2 in x3
sherux1 is us/we
shemx1 is the sun
shenx1 is deep
shebuix1 fails to do x2
shehuex1 fits/suits/is appropriate for x2
sheqx1 is a situation, a moment
shezhuox1 strives to continue existing
sheqbuax1 is a bruh moment
shyProper name closer
shyqErases the most recent sentence said
hex1 has happened in the past (finished happening)
heax1 has to be the case / is necessarily the case
heaax1 is excited
heaasuix1 is excitement
heaox1 dances
heaoxhuomx1 is a dance
heauqx1 is ironic
heauqsuix1 is irony
heayx1 is a vowel
heaix1 searches; for x2
heainx1 is wind
heaiqx1 is outside of x2
heakux1 is gross/disgusting
hearuix1 is a chat
heamx1 is random
heamzupuix1 is a random god
heanx1 is a belly / stomach
heachuqx1 survives x2 condition
heahuix1 is causality
heaqx1 is an accelerel
heaqshuix1 is an attempt to do x2
heasuax1 tries to make x2 be the case
heeax1 is an areanel
heeiqx1 has the property of badness
heeiqxhunx1 is morally wrong/unjust/unfair
heeiqsuix1 is badness
heemx1 is the sky
heenx1 is an energel
heeqx1 crawls; on x2
heox1 consumes x2
heoox1 is open
heoux1 happens after x2
heokuox1 is occult
heoluiux1 bites / takes a small slurp of x2
heomx1 is a lip
heonx1 weighs x2
heonsuix1 is weight
heoqx1 opens x2
heoshuix1 is hungry
heoshuisuix1 is hunger
heoquqx1 is the whole as defined by seemingly disconnected parts
heofueqx1 is hardware
heofuix1 is an office >>nzb
heux1 is she/he/they
heuax1 is a mouth
heuaoioiayeyeyoiox1 has too many vowels
heuamx1 fights (against) x2
heuahuuax1 kisses x2
heuahuuasuix1 is a kiss
heuaqx1 is the west
heuex1 needs x2 to do x3
heuenx1 stays in x2
heuoqx1 is a piece of media
heutumx1 is automatic
heurux1 is they (plural)
heubuix1 is hubris
heuqx1 is a tool
heuqkuamx1 is a synthesizer configured to sound like x2
heuqkkuax1 is a microphone
heuqtuqx1 is a robot; a bot
heuqduix1 is a device
heuqluuqx1 is a phone
heuqhueiqx1 is a weapon
heuqfuiaqx1 is a computer
heuvuex1 is a wave
heix1 measures x2 quantity of x3 unit
heiax1 is a tail
heialuiqkkuiux1 is a salamander
heiaqx1 is equal to x2 (mathematics)
heiex1 is a leaf (of a plant)
heiemx1 is numerical order
heieqx1 is order
heieqpuaax1 is destructive order
heieqpuix1 is constructive order
heiox1 is possible
heiluaqx1 is an island
heiluaqrux1 is an archipelago
heimx1 is an influencel
heinx1 is attracted to x2
heixux1 is Haixu
heiqx1 is a number
heishux1 expresses apology to x2 for x3
heiqpuanx1 curses x2
heizuix1 is a devil, a demon
hekuix1 is sick/tired of x2 being the case
hekkuiqx1 is a message
hetuax1 is the speed of x2
herux1 is a conjunction
heruax1 is behind x2
hemx1 changes
hemuix1 admires/looks up to x2
hemguoqx1 alternates between x2 states of being
hemsuix1 is change
henx1 is chaos
henuasux1 is a duck (Anatidae)
hendux1 undoes x2
henpuaax1 is destructive chaos
henpuix1 is constructive chaos
hepuisux1 is a bee
hepuqx1 starts doing x2
heppux1 is a harp
heqx1 is in a quantity of one
heshuex1 is x2 years old
heshuqx1 accuses x2 of doing x3
hezhuax1 is worthy of/deserves x2
hequex1 is a sphere
hequetuox1 is a pearl
hequox1 hangs x2 from x3
hequoqshux1 is a data pearl
heqguax1 is a limb/appendage
heqguilux1 is an eel
hevukuax1 is an avocado
hyPreposition marker
hyaVocative particle
hyluExclusive "or" separator (XOR)
hylubue"Neither or both" connector
hynuInclusive "or" separator (OR)
hynubue"Neither" connector (NOR)
zheaenx1 is salt
zheaix1 is coldness
zheaiguaix1 is cold to the touch
zheailunx1 is ambiently cold
zheanx1 is sapient
zheex1 feels emotion x2
zheeox1 is the color yellow
zheekux1 feels like x2 in an abstract manner
zheesuix1 is a feeling
zheevuaix1 is overwhelmed by emotion x2
zheox1 exists
zheoax1 is almost the case
zheoaqx1 holds x2
zheoqx1 is a seed
zheoquiux1 is fictional
zheosuqx1 is news
zheozuax1 is everything
zheux1 is tangled up with x2
zheuax1 is a person's breast
zheuamuamx1 is a mammary breast
zheuamumx1 is a non-mammary breast
zheuox1 exists/is real/is factual
zheuosuix1 is reality
zheukuoiqx1 cuddles with x2
zheuqx1 is a neck
zheix1 feels like x2 is the case
zheiax1 is entirely the case, entirely has property x2
zheianx1 is an illness
zheiex1 is a knot
zheiux1 is a fictive
zheiumx1 is natural
zheiunx1 is nature
zheinx1 is metal
zheiqx1 catches x2
zheiqshux1 is always the case
zhekuunx1 is fortunate
zhekuunbux1 is unfortunate
zhekuioqx1 smells x2
zhenx1 is a person
zhenguaux1 is an important person
zhenrux1 is a community
zhenmuiqx1 is a wealthy person
zhenbuix1 is ready/prepared for x2
zhenbunx1 is part of the Zhanbun culture
zhenhuaox1 is a dancer
zhenhuaiqx1 is a tourist from place x2
zhenhuuamx1 is a soldier
zhenzuaex1 is a student
zhenzuaux1 is a teacher
zheqx1 is thankful to x2 for x3
zhesuqx1 emotionally lets go of x2
zhyPrenex context marker
zhykuNon-prenex instance marker
zhykuguNon-superprenex instance marker
zhyguPrenex supercontext marker
qex1 is not the case; doesn't have property x2
qeax1 is drunk/in an altered state of mind
qeaox1 feels sadness
qeaotuox1 cries
qeaochuaix1 is depressed
qeaochuaisuix1 is depression
qeaosuix1 is sadness
qeaix1 is a day (time in which the sun is visible)
qeaibuaiqx1 is x2's birthday
qeaiqueix1 is a full day (24 hours)
qeaiquumx1 is tomorrow
qeanx1 removes x2 from x3
qeaqx1 ignores x2
qeeeqx1 is sa Liredae proving xha Ren wrong about how there are actually worse syllable forms than qeq
qeeix1 is the night
qeox1 is completely/fully x2
qeomx1 is the case in a concrete/literal manner
qeux1 is it (inanimate pronoun)
qeuax1 is done aimlessly, with no goal or motivation
qeuaqx1 is an actionel
qeumx1 is next to x2
qeunx1 allows x2 to do x3
qeunux1 allows x2 to be the case
qeuqx1 meets x2
qeix1 is inside of x2
qeiox1 is the center of x2
qeionx1 is a nomad
qeiux1 is fiction
qeimx1 is away from x2
qeiqx1 is an intensitel
qekkuoqx1 turns x2 off
qeruix1 is a gender of x2
qemx1 is selfish
qemuanx1 is meaningless
qemuoix1 is bald, lacks hair
qenx1 is the listener (formal)
qenuqx1 is a limit
qenuquenx1 is impatient / can't wait for x2 to be the case
qechuox1 is a kiwi (Apteryx)
qexhuiux1 is damaged, twisted, broken beyond recognition
qeqx1 is the absolute worst syllable form the Laiqbun phonology allows
qeshuox1 rejects that x2 is the case
qesuamx1 is the negator tone
qevuax1 isn't the case; doesn't have property x2 (and is only nt the case; only doesn't have property x2)
qevuox1 pretends that x2 is the case
qoylContext marker, reverse lyoq
qyConnective question "or?"
qyolqoyl but you do not want to break the phonotactics this time :›
qyoluqoyl but you really really do not want to break the phonotactics this time
qyyyqParticle that summons an eldritch entity of incredible horror and distastefulness
seMarks the following syllables as a proper name until its closed with shy
seax1 pays attention to x2
seaox1 is far from x2 in property x3
seaix1 is the case when/while x2 is the case
seaimx1 is specific
seainx1 is the most x2
seaiqx1 is a thigh
seadux1 is a manual, instructive to operate x2
seamx1 is tone
seaqx1 is a snake
seeax1 helps x2 do x3
seeazhuex1 comforts x2
seeox1 is together with x2, positionally and emotionally
seeoqx1 is a body
seeoqvuiiqx1 is sports
seeix1 is cute
seenx1 writes x2
seeqx1 walks towards x2
seox1 is psychological trauma
seoix1 is earth/soil
seonx1 is the late morning/the afternoon
seofueqx1 is software
seux1 perceives/senses x2
seuax1 burns x2
seuatuax1 sets x2 on fire
seuanx1 turns/rotates/reorients x2
seuaqx1 is the goal of process x2
seuenx1 carves x2 into x3
seuix1 is the color green
seuinx1 is the least x2
seunx1 is made with x2 goal
seunduex1 must be the case for x2 to be the case
seunduux1 does x2 in order to do x3/with x3 goal
seunmuiqx1 costs object or amount of money x2
seuqx1 is the south
seufuax1 is an end of x2
seymx1 is a statement
seyqx1 is a plural system
seix1 is a concept
seiax1 is a syllable
seiaqx1 is a song
seiavux1 is the syllable that carries a content word's function (first syllable)
seienx1 is science
seiox1 swims towards x2
seiuqx1 sings x2
seikux1 is a discord server
seilufunx1 is a xylophone
seimx1 seems to have property x2
seinx1 is an abstract representation/symbol of x2
seihux1 sighs
seiqx1 is a face
seiqkuox1 is a cell (of a living organism)
seiqkuiox1 frowns
seiqluox1 smiles
seiqluosuix1 is a smile
sekuaqx1 is a cigar
sekkuqx1 is the unit consisting of 144 timels
selumux1 is a salmon (Salmo)
selunumx1 is nightshade
semx1 is similar to x2 in property x3
semppuamx1 is in the same quantity as x2
senx1 treats/heals x2 for injury/illness x3
sechuqx1 is a clock
seqx1 is new
sezhuex1 is comfortable / okay with x2 being the case
sesufunx1 is a saxophone
sefuqx1 is an identity
sevuox1 is a product
sevuix1 is a service
syYes (answer to yes/no question)
syaNone (quantifier)
symInterrogative illocution
syqErases the most recent word or words said
sysuErases, drops the topic that is being talked about
zex1 is neither the case nor not the case; neither has nor doesn't have property x2
zeax1 is all of container x2
zeaex1 learns x2 from x3
zeaox1 knows / is aware of x2
zeaux1 teaches x2 to x3
zeauqx1 is organic
zeauzhuox1 is an object (typically media) that teaches x2 to x3 person or people
zeaix1 is what?
zeaixhuomx1 does what?
zeaiqx1 is a sibling
zeaqx1 expresses gratitude to x2 because of x3
zeemx1 is a sentence
zeeqx1 is male
zeox1 expresses greeting to x2
zeoux1 is free from x2
zeoqx1 is smoke
zeuanx1 is a dot
zeuanrunx1 is a spark
zeuex1 is hotness
zeueguaix1 is hot to the touch
zeuelunx1 is ambiently hot
zeuox1 gweets x2 nya
zeuyqx1 is a program
zeuix1 is of divine nature
zeuiluex1 is a celesta (musical instrument)
zeyqx1 is a system (of rules/machines/logic/etc)
zeix1 is the current time; in x2 clock
zeionx1 is sedentary
zeioqx1 is old
zeiqx1 is round
zeiqhuuqx1 is a wheel
zentuix1 is a problem
zenruqx1 is opposite to x2
zepuix1 is a god
zecuaqruqx1 is a cheatsheet (piece of material that teaches something in a quick way) to learn x2
zeqeach of x1, to each of x2, apply relationship x3
zefux1 feels awe/wonder/amazement at x2
zefuex1 is a safety measure in case of x2 becoming the case
zefusuix1 is awe/wonder/amazement
zyNull sentence connector
zyemSum (mathematical operation)
feax1 is peaceful towards x2
feaux1 forgets x2
feauqx1 appreciates x2
feaqx1 has sexual relationships; with x2
feaqsuix1 is sex
feasuix1 is peace/calm/tranquility
feex1 is a galaxy/nebula
feouqx1 is a forcel
feoix1 is physically below x2
feokux1 is an earless "true" seal
feux1 has the property of not being either good or bad
feukkuox1 is in airplane mode
feutux1 is a flute
feurux1 is a ferret
feix1 flies; towards x2
feiax1 is ashes
feiaqx1 thinks about x2
feiaqxuyunx1 is an artificial intelligence (A.I.)
feiaqzuyqx1 is a philosophy
feiuqx1 thinks x2 is the case
feiuqsuix1 is a thought
feituiox1 flies in place
feiqx1 pushes/applies force on x2
fekuiqx1 is the fucking case
fetuix1 is a louse
felux1 is a small or medium sized feline
ferumx1 is an online forum
fequx1 gives up
fequax1 doubts that x2 is the case
fySpectrum axis marker
fykjuuExpletive illocution; gives any statement an air of "fuck you" or "listen to me you little shithead" or "i honestly don't have the patience or time to deal with your shit"
veaux1 reproduces
veauqx1 is also the case
veaix1 is intense
veamx1 is a book
veamrux1 is a library
veamppuqx1 is a page (of a book or other source of written information)
veaqx1 endorses x2
veeqx1 is a relative clause
veox1 is the case; has property x2
veoeqx1 is a finger
veoeqnuanx1 is a prosthetic finger
veouqx1 is a volumel
veokkuoqx1 turns x2 on
veohuix1 is a truth value of x2
veoqx1 believes x2 about x3 being the case
veoquax1 is the case; has property x2 (and isn't not the case; doesn't not have property x2)
veux1 occurs in x2 manner
veuax1 surpasses x2 at x3
veuaqx1 is reciprocal
veuaqzhunx1 are the objects of a reciprocal action
veuex1 is an illocution
veuekux1 is an illocution marker
veueqx1 is a velocitel
veuox1 is a flower
veuux1 is a syllable that is not the first syllable of a word
veuix1 is a vehicle carrying x2
veuinx1 is a window
veuqx1 is one (impersonal pronoun)
veuqrux1 is one group (impersonal plural pronoun)
veyx1 misses x2
veyqx1 answers x2
veyqsuix1 is an answer
veix1 is a tree
veiax1 is other thing
veiex1 is life
veieqx1 is accessible to people with property x2
veioluax1 is a viola
veioluinx1 is a violin
veiuqx1 is a website
veiiqx1 is an activity
veiiqxhuomx1 does x2 activity
veilumunx1 is a lemon tree
veirux1 is a forest
veimuanx1 is spiritual
veipuiux1 is the bark of a tree
veipumx1 is an apple tree
veiqx1 is a content clause
vekux1 is the first unfilled argument of the last statement
veguix1 forgives x2 for x3
venx1 habitually is/does x2; x2 is a habit of x1
veqx1 is strong
vequox1 interrupts x2
veqsuix1 is strength
vesux1 is the late afternoon/the evening
vuyqThird power of the current base
vyCollective AND
vyeWhat follows this particle is an explanation of the statement or argument that came before it. (Similar to ":")
vyoCloses all supercontexts
vyuqMultiplication (mathematical operation)
vyqBoth (fourth logic state)
weox1 is excited because of finishing a translation